Update from the Holden Beach Turtle Patrol

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Update from the HB Turtle Patrol - The turtles are here! The first nests on Holden Beach were laid this weekend. On Saturday, May 18. the early morning rider found nest #1. And then if that wasn't exciting enough, on Sunday two more nests and one false crawl was found. The season is off and running with a big start!
All three nests were left in place where the mother laid them. We can expect to see hatchlings from these nests in mid to late July.
Holden Beach is a turtle sanctuary--that means a safe place for sea turtles. Please remember to turn off all ocean facing lights each evening, fill in any holes you may dig on the beach and bring all equipment in each evening---these all can be hazards and distract the mother turtles as they make their way onto the beach to lay their eggs.